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An investigation into how the Clintons have amassed millions in personal wealth through foreign contributions to the Clinton Foundation, a supposed charity, in exchange for political favors while Hillary Clinton was the US Secretary of State.

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Clinton Cash movie full length review - FACT-checked Expose that SHOULD wake up the Left

First off, for those 'reviewers' who have claimed that this film is propaganda, lies, etc - the book has ALREADY been thoroughly fact-checked by countless outlets (including the Left's favorite NY Times, LA Times, on and on).

Fact-checking has proved the book, the research to be comprehensively sound and indisputable. That is a FACT. If you require a bit of additional confirmation beyond that, simply look at the recent Dept. of Justice / FBI / Obama admin collusion to let Hillary Clinton walk - after the FBI director admitted that she committed 3 felonies AND repeatedly LIED under oath. You're also welcome to check the WikiLeaks emails, which show indisputable crime, corruption, racism, and bigotry within the entire Democrat party and in the corrupt left-wing media.

For those 'reviewers' who claim otherwise - please read their reviews - and you'll see it's quite clear that they didn't even watch this film or read the book. The author, Peter Schweizer, has more than the requisite background, education, and experience. Again, an indisputable point. Breitbart News is NOT 'right-wing,' as many have/will claim. They're very centrist. This issue with that mis-labeling is that it comes from the left, from the Leftist media (already exposed as fully corrupt, fully aligned with the Clintons). The book and the film are objective and entirely balanced. The film is done in a documentary fashion, is NOT propaganda (see Michael Moore), and simply details the 'facts of the case.' Viewers are not steered, influenced, directed, baited, or fed heavily edited quotes and false research (again, see Michael Moore).

This film is a MUST see for any Democrat, Leftist zealot, ALL Independents, and anyone who wishes to be better informed about the options in the upcoming election.

Easily 10 / 10