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The authorized documentary on late Guitar/lead singer Kurt Cobain from his early days in Aberdeen Washington to his success and downfall with Grunge band Nirvana.

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Cobain: Montage of Heck movie full length review - Montage of Disappointment

I liked the home footage of Kurt as a child. I liked hearing and seeing his parents talk about him for the first time instead of just reading about them in articles and interviews.

I liked hearing them recall memories, even the unpleasant ones (because they were real). I enjoyed the audio montages of art Kurt made and the animations that were designed around them. Hearing Kurt talk and seeing him laugh were great (though I can also see this anytime I want to by going to YouTube and pulling up Nirvana interviews). I loved seeing Kurt being silly, affectionate and loving with Courtney and Frances in unseen home movies.

But there's a lot that left me feeling very disappointed with this film. I do not feel that you accurately represented Kurt Cobain. I don't believe you made this film for the fans or for Frances.

Kurt as an artist; I thought this would have included his lighthouse paintings, boat paintings, fetus paintings. What about the artwork he did for the Lithium single? The In Utero art collages on the back of the album? Kurt made dolls. He made short films. He was interested in more than just one form of art. Kurt was an artist in the truest sense of the word because he was able to immerse himself in art, not just one form of it.

Kurt was a lefty and for a time he struggled with this, having to restring all his guitars upside down to make them work right for him. He loved vintage guitars and had a preference for Fenders. No mention of any of this, huh?

Between Kurt's time in Olympia and Nirvana making it big between Bleach & Never Mind " there was a whole era of time when Kurt was focusing on his band, making demo tapes, sending demo tapes out to everyone, going through drummers left and right trying to find the right fit for the band. When they finally got Chad and they signed with Sub Pop and then accidentally recorded Bleach in Drop D. There's a whole story involved with the recording of their first album. Why wasn't this in your film? Don't you think this is kind of important? I do.

Sub Pop to Geffen - Seattle to Los Angles - Reading Festival in England - to find out that they were instant stars in heavy rotation on Mtv. These are all pretty important events that were either skimmed over and given little attention or no attention/mention at all.

There's also the fact that Kurt helped many bands like the Melvins, Mudhoney, Earth, Screaming Trees - these were bands I would have never heard had Kurt not mentioned them in interviews, giving attention to his friends who were in unknown bands. He helped the underdogs. He was one.

While I can appreciate wanting to "show Courtney through Kurt's eyes",if you are going to claim to have made this film for Frances, why would you chose footage that exposes Courtney naked? You left out your interview with Dave Grohl, which many people do think is highly relevant, and included an image of Courtney Love full on nude in bed instead.

You focused on a broken little boy, who appeared to rise to stardom with little to no struggle to get there (quite the contrary, he hustled to make it and when he did make it, it wasn't because luck fell into his lap, it's because he promoted the hell out of himself and his band, he MADE it happen - and THIS is what has inspired me as an artist). I felt that the focus was more on his stardom, addiction, love and family life rather than his artistic life and person behind the name/image/band/brand and the many fascinating aspects that his fans were drawn to.

I also absolutely hate the way you ended the Montage of Heck. You didn't have a very strong opening - you had a good subject matter; that is was drew your audience in. Your ending is quite possibly one of the worst endings I've seen in any film. I get that you were trying to allude to Courtney lying about cheating on Kurt as you go from her interview talking about it to the unplugged performance where he is singing "Where Did You Sleep Last Night/In The Pines" by Led Belly. And then you just end the film. Right there. At the unplugged. That was not near the last performance Nirvana had. If you wanted to end it mid song to symbolize his life being cut short right in the middle - just ending- then it would have worked more in your favor to pull a song from Nirvana's final performance.

I even heard an interview where you smugly gloated about how Kurt's own mom and sister HATED the film when they saw it. If his mom and sister hate it, maybe that should tell you that you didn't get it right.

I whole heartedly believe you are just one more person who came along to exploit Kurt Cobain.