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When a poker player hits rock bottom he enlists his best friend to pull off a high-stakes heist.

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Cold Deck movie full length review - Cold Deck is a Winning Hand

I recently had the pleasure of screening a Canadian independent film called "Cold Deck". I must say that it is a definite recommend.

"Cold Deck" follows a down on his luck poker player who has time and time again come up short in his underground playing pursuits, so much so that he has wrecked his sick mother's bank account. In an effort to win back his losses, help his mother and leave the game for good, he takes the offer of a boss to completely unravel a high stakes, underground game with a can't lose plan.

Initially, one would liken this to other high stakes card game films like "21" or "Rounders", but "Cold Deck" stands on its own, mostly due to lead actor and co-writer Stefano Gallo. His portrayal as the everyman is authentic and seemingly effortless. Often, an actor playing this type of character would be persuaded to overact or play with an unrealistic degree of intensity. Gallo does not succumb to that pressure. I was unfamiliar with his previous work before viewing this film, but I am definitely planning to seek out ways to watch his other performances.

Gallo is aided by top talent Paul Sorvino, who fans will recognize from "Good Fellas", "Romeo + Juliet" and "Law & Order". Sorvino plays the character Chip, who offers Gallo's character a way to cash in with one last score.

The writing is intelligent, the acting is superb and the drama and suspense is plentiful in this high stakes thriller. I definitely recommend anyone who is a fan of good movies to seek this one out.