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When his girlfriend goes missing, David must track down her whereabouts after he realizes she's not who she was pretending to be.

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Come And Find Me movie full length review - Dark, but not so handsome

I watch hundreds of movies, not for a living but for enjoyment. I bumped in to this one although Aaron Paul was a definite attraction.

The reason I do not write reviews is that it is too much hassle to log in, write and stuff. Amazon does not make it easy although IMDb kinda runs on user reviews. I really don't understand why they have to be suck donkeys about it but each to his own.

Anyway, back to the film. While I found the plot to be convoluted enough at times and simple at others, the whole enterprise is kinda lost in the various layers, and a layer too many in my opinion. The film started slow, had a few nice touches but it stayed slow, sometimes painfully so, without getting far. I see people gushing over the Whedon clan but what was young Zach thinking when he put that one layer too many of suspense? I must be the only one who did not get the entire picture, like what was Claire's deal? What happened to the millionaire guy? What was the deal with the Russians besides causing some stereotypical bad guy stuff? Why was the detective so insignificant in the story. Who were the guys (and the one with bullets in leg) and what was their deal with the Govt. Suspense is great, and suspenseful it was to the end. I am still in suspense. What were everyone fighting over? What about the Black guy? And would Aaron Paul finally learn how to use a gun besides having it wrested away from him at half an opportunity?

So many questions. So few answered. Was that the idea? Hope no one is thinking of a sequel, or a franchise. Disappearing girlfriends gone bad is not a new concept. 'Gone Girl' aced the idea, but Gillian Flynn is a superior story teller and this dude is not. Still, the acting is good. Aaron Paul gets a 8/10 although it is hard to see him as someone relying on basic hardware store stuff like a hammer when Breaking Bad looms large in his face. The woman playing Claire, pleasing to the eyes in a understated way but this won't get her name recognition any higher. She came as a nobody and left as one although the acting was decent. In the end, it is as pleasing as a bottle of cheap Bourbon..numbs you, in a pleasant way but does not give you the enjoyment. In the film's defense, nothing was promised, so it did not fail. But shame for not taking it to a notch higher where it could easily been were the film-maker for a moment thought that idiot is not the new smart. Overall, deeply disappointing although I gave it a 8/10, but mostly for Aaron Paul and the fluid camera work. I mean, seriously, what was the deal with the dead banker guy and his terminally constipated widow?