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When his girlfriend goes missing, David must track down her whereabouts after he realizes she's not who she was pretending to be.

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Come And Find Me movie full length review - A surprisingly enjoyable experience

I ended up liking 'Come and Find Me' more than I thought I was going to. It gets off to a very slow start, and early on it puts more emphasis on the drama side of things than the mystery element.

The mystery element is admittedly simple, but it has the potential to be very intriguing with a plot twist or two along the way. Nearing the halfway point in the film I was feeling like I was wasting my time a bit with this film. Then the second half gets under way and things start to pick up a bit, all leading to what turns out to be actually a very well written ending, both entertaining and moving all at once.

It does work as a drama. The flashback scenes were probably the best part of the movie. They were surprisingly well written and had me genuinely buying into the love the two main characters were supposed to share. Aaron Paul was an interesting casting choice. I loved him in 'Breaking Bad', but I never actually liked his character (entertaining and funny as he was) as a person. Here, he actually manages to pull off the "likable" personality trait quite well. I think a lot of that came back to the writing. The dialogue in this film is very well written for the most part.

It's not a flawless film by any means. There are a lot of odd character decisions and some iffy writing of action scenes at times. Overall though I think it achieves what it sets out to. It makes us buy into the love story of the characters and has us caring about their outcome. Don't give up on it too early would be my advice, the second half is much stronger than the first.