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New mother Molly (Eléonore Hendricks) is overcome with the need to run away. Feeling abandoned by her husband and unable to connect with her infant son, she takes up an invitation from her old high school group of guy friends to go on a weekend trip to the mountains. Without the pressure of daily responsibilities and with the help of psychoactive mushrooms, Molly comes out of her shell and is ready to accept the beauty and love that can be found in nature. When Molly's “trip” turns into a dark out-of-body experience she is forced to choose between the person she was and the person she's become.

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Come Down Molly movie full length review - Not Your Ordinary Trip

What differentiated this film from others that take a look at psychedelics experiences (The Doors: "I'm Afraid of My Father"), is the realness of the relationships and the underlying sadness of Molly, struggling with the responsibility of Motherhood and marriage.

Wonderfully played by Eleanor Hendricks. John Anderson was a standout, adding a great comic element. Jason Shelton's character, also struggling with his decision to get engaged, was terrific.

The cinematography captured the beauty of the Rockies and brought the audience to a very interesting place.

I was privileged to see this film last night at the Tribeca film fest, very interesting how the actors were left to improve for hours at a time in the wilderness. Bravo.