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Several roasters, and the master himself Kevin Hart, make fun of Justin Bieber.

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Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber movie full length review - The best thing the Biebz has ever done (aside from Selena Gomez)

As I've mentioned before, I've already seen a bunch of these Comedy Central roasts, but this is one I saw tonight for the first time. I laughed until I physically hurt and cried.

Unlike the two most recent ones I watched (Donald Trump and Rob Lowe), everyone brought their A-game, even if they weren't all at the same level. Singling out two, Natasha Leggero (who I hadn't heard of before this) and Shaq were the surprises to me. Natasha for how brutal she got, and Shaq for doing something I wasn't aware he could do effectively, i.e., deliver jokes (that were pretty funny as well). Most surprising inclusion was Martha Stewart, who also did well for a non-comedian. All in all, I liked that pretty much every dais member went for the jugular, even if they ended their mic time by saying how much they liked Bieber. I mean, they only roast the ones they love, right? Really the only downside was the last-minute decision (undoubtedly pre-planned) to turn this into a sort-of personality rehab. Whatever happened to insulting people for the heck of it? Nobody's perfect, after all. I don't want to see someone try to exorcize their demons publicly. Anyway, similar to what Hannibal Buress said, I don't like his music. Never have. However, this 90-minute-ish roast with a willing participant who enjoyed himself was time and money well-spent.