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Coming Through the Rye, set in 1969, is a touching coming of age story of sensitive, 16 yr. old Jamie Schwartz, who is not the most popular kid at his all boys' boarding school. Disconnected from students and teachers, he believes he is destined to play Holden Caulfield, the main character of The Catcher in the Rye, and has adapted the book as a play.

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Coming Through The Rye movie full length review - Birthday Well Spent

I loved this movie! I am a huge fan of Nat & Alex Wolff's music as well as their movies, so I was very interested in seeing Alex in a leading role. "Coming Through the Rye" was just up my alley.

I adore coming-of-age films and characters who are obsessed with books (like me). The film was a perfect combination of a well-written script, beautiful cinematography, and excellent performances by the cast - especially the leads, Alex Wolff and Stefania Owen. They truly became their characters. I was completely captured by Jamie's journey. It's insane to think that the writer/director actually did all of the things Jamie did! (Yes, the movie is based upon James Sadwith's actual experiences.) It's very real and personal and intimate and fantastic. You don't see movies like this in theaters these days.

******* SPOILERS *********

I have to talk about one of my favorite scenes. There was one scene where Jamie and DeeDee are in a field at sunset and they are hitting these milkweed plants. The seeds pop out and float all around them. Many get stuck in DeeDee's curly hair, which Jamie then lovingly removes. It leads to their first kiss. I literally couldn't stop smiling throughout that whole part. It was just so beautiful and sweet.

Also - Alex. I have to commend him on an outstanding portrayal of Jamie. When Jamie breaks down and is crying in the hotel room...it's perfect. It's not exaggerated and cheesy. He doesn't over-act. It was so raw and natural and real. I can't wait to see what he does in the future. He's a good one.

After the film ended, James was actually there for a Q & A. He was awesome and extremely nice. My mom and I told him the story of how I begged her to let me skip school and drive five hours to see this film, since it was on my 18th birthday. I got a picture with him and his wife gave me the "Coming Through the Rye" poster! It was the perfect end to a fantastic birthday. :)