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A horror film actress deals with her fall from stardom.

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Conventional movie full length review - A dark comedy debut that's minimalist and pitch-perfect

Karen Gillan's writing/directing debut is an absurd dark comedy about a b-movie horror actress who can't get roles anymore and resorts to horror conventions to make a few dollars from appearances and autographs.

.. and so on. The grotesquerie on all sides, the humor, and the perfect tone of the short all indicate that greater things may be to come from Gillan as a writer/director/actress.

The framing, horror lighting, restrained hand-held camera, and assured shot sequences prove that Gillan and cinematographer Zach Voytas partnered well. The combination of that partnership with Gillan's mature writing style and her acting prowess make Conventional far more than a small-channel youtube find. It's a hidden gem and a great dark comedy short.