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Detective Ben Walls finds himself in a modern day Dante world, passing back and forth between the present and the future. Surrounded by the residents seeking redemption, Ben is left with the task to find a way out.

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Convergence movie full length review - My first movie review

Out of the thousand of movies I have seen, very few are able to confuse me as much as this movie. So much so, I had to share my experience.

First of all, there were a few positives about this movie. It was visually pleasing with enough decent actors to enjoy and, as far as thrillers are concerned, I love movies that keep me guessing.

Now for the negatives. I want a movie that keeps me guessing, sure, but only up until the end. Not after the movie is over. I have gone over and over in my mind what exactly the blazes is that I just watched. Originally, I thought that this was going to be one of those second chance movies, where the hero has to redeem himself and he can come back to life from a coma or something along those lines. Wrong. After realizing this, I could not grasp what the story was actually trying to say. All of the random additions to the movie like the many guns, the nurse who sounded like she came from the 50s, the weird shrine, why Daniel was so obsessed with the hero, the files on the table, why the hero's boss didn't tell him where he was, why the hero didn't try very hard to leave the hospital (before he realized he was dead), the whole "killing someone while in purgatory" concept, the transferring of items (the glasses) using a girl who can magically enter purgatory, etc., are virtually endless.

Oddly enough, I couldn't find a twist in this mystery/thriller. Unless the twist is that you expect some sort of glorious redemption for the hero and in the end he just tortures a guy for a name of another guy who was right next to the bomb when it went off and should be dead anyway, and then after getting the name continues to beat him (apparently). It feels like there are some missing scenes that are key to putting the whole story together that would make me say "oh so THAT'S why".

In conclusion, without a full explanation of the strange going-ons in this movie either before or after watching it, it is just not worth watching. Take it from me, someone who has seen almost every semi-decent+ mystery/thriller movie ever made. There are much better movies/ways to spend your time watching.