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"Cool Cat Saves the Kids" is an Anti-Bullying and Kid's Gun Safety Movie. Cool Cat is the coolest cat in the world, and Butch the Bully hates him because of it. So Butch always tries to bully Cool Cat and his friends, but Cool Cat Saves the Kids! Starring Vivica A. Fox, Erik Estrada, Derek Savage and Cool Cat.

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Cool Cat Saves the Kids movie full length review - An anti-bullying movie made by a person who bullies others

Cool Cat Saves the Kids may seem like a very cheap PSA film about dealing with bullying, but it goes beyond that.

Despite its intentions to teach kids about stuff ranging from dealing with bullies to what to do about guns, it's a complete and total mess that offers nothing to its target audience, assuming there was one to begin with as this film doesn't seem like it would even appeal to kids.

Cool Cat is apparently this lovable and friendly cat who loves kids, being nice, and helping others, but in reality, he's neither cool, nor does he even "save the kids" like this movie says he does. Most of the time, Cool Cat fails to do anything at all to help save kids. Either an adult is there to resolve the situation, or the police take care of it.

Not only that, but Cool Cat fails to give any good advice on what to do with bullies. For example, a kid gets a text message from someone she doesn't know, and Cool Cat tells her to read it. She does so, and finds out the message insults her. Then she gets another text from the same person. What does Cool Cat say? That perhaps the person who sent that message didn't mean it. Ignoring for a fact that reasoning is beyond flawed, if someone sent you a cruel text, what makes you think the next one will have the bully apologize? Another example is how Cool Cat is bullied online. Rather than block the person initially like any other person would, Cool Cat decides to reply back with a pathetic comeback message and only feeds the troll. So not only is our "hero" not saving kids, but he's also completely inept at stopping bullying like the movie says it does.

The other characters are not any better either. Everyone seems to be giving zero effort, or are really just being hammy; especially Butch the Bully. None of them seem to care at all, but you can't blame them for staring in such a bad film. The only one who seems to be giving effort is Daddy Derek, who is played by the creator of this film himself, Derek Savage. Even then though, he is just really hamming it up in this film.

Perhaps worst of all is that this film is so boring and unnecessarily long. A lot of scenes go nowhere, and there is a lot of padding in the movie like Cool Cat going to Hollywood to be in a parade, or him preparing for the day, or exercising. None of which teach kids anything at all about dealing with bullies.

The few lessons and morals that are in this film feel so forced and spoon fed that it quickly gets on your nerves and is stuff so simplistic, any other PSA could do better.

It doesn't end there with the movie though. Derek Savage himself has noticed the amount of negativity towards this movie and has been going around deleting and taking down reviews that criticize and are negative towards this movie.

Most notable of all is his attack on a YouTube reviewer named I Hate Everything. IHE received threats from Derek Savage over his negative review towards this movie. Even going as far as impersonating a law firm to intimidate him, and then later on make a video accusing IHE and people who hate this movie as "haters" and "liars", and to even encourage others to send hate to IHE. So not only is Derek Savage a failure at making an anti-bullying movie, but he's also a complete and total hypocrite who can't take the slightest form of criticism. If that's not the sign of a bad director, I don't know what is then.

Stay away from Cool Cat in general. I wouldn't wish this on anyone; even my worst enemy. There's no reason for you to support this cat who seems to be a pedophile, and Derek Savage. This isn't even a "So bad, it's funny" movie. Its morals are lousy, its title character does nothing and is moronic, and there is virtually nothing to take away from this movie. Kids deserve better than this, and Savage and his ugly looking cat need to just fade away into obscurity and never be seen again.