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Scrat struggles once again to protect his nut.

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Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe movie full length review - Out of this world Ice Age

Clearly inspired by the success of this year's The Martian, Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe gives us the first Ice Age short I've seen in years, and a good one at that.

Having toyed with time travel and dinosaurs before, this time Scrat stumbles upon- and into- the spaceship we briefly saw trapped in ice in the first film. Rather inventive in giving us acorn steering and an explanation of how Scrat inadvertently flies the ship into space, there are a few nice gags and a nice musical homage to 2001. We know from previous Ice Age films how Scrat is responsible for continental drift, but who knew he also aligned the Solar System, gave Jupiter its Red Spot and put Saturn between the rings? And at the end we have the typically cruel punchline at Sid's expense. (I've always actually preferred Sid to Scrat- the lesser-known short Surviving Sid is still the best Ice Age short).

So Bring Scrat Home indeed- we don't want to part with this character.