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On a desolate island, a suicidal sheep named Franck meets his fate…in the form of a quirky salesman named Victor, who offers him the gift of a lifetime. The gift is many lifetimes, actually, in many different worlds – each lasting just a few minutes. In the sequel to the pilot, Franck will find a new reason to live…in the form of a bewitching female adventurer named Tara, who awakens his long-lost lust for life. But can Franck keep up with her?

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Cosmos Laundromat movie full length review - Pointless and disappointing

I'm not a film student, a film art fanatic or an expert in these things. I'm just an everyday Joe watching a video.

I don't care who the director is (unless he does a very good job on the video), what his past is, how experimental something is supposed to be. When I watch a film I look for good directing, good plot, and a purpose. Film for art-sake leaves me cold. Life is too short to watch pointless videos.

I'm no prude... but it's getting pretty sad when they can't make an animation without dropping the F-bomb. The animation on this is acceptable-- and even exceptional when they do a close-up on Frank's face. Other than that not much to see here. There's no indication up front this is a series, so the ending winds up being a no-plot nonsensical letdown. The entire video consists of primarily two scenes: a field of sheep and a laundromat (well a third scene, but spoilers).

While the premise is semi-interesting, the fact that they never really take it anywhere or explain anything quickly dissolves any expectations one may have in this. The high point of the video quickly turns (literally) into something that makes no sense. It's not funny, it's not impressive, it's not moving. It just is.

I appreciate "outside the box" as much as anyone and have enjoyed many cerebral, difficult-to-grasp animations, scifi and fantasy films. But there's nothing to see here. Move along, move along.