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A middle-aged couple who have renounced civilization to live in a cave in the woods are befriended by a local farmer with mysterious ulterior motives.

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Couple in a Hole movie full length review - Uniquely written and directed A+++++

Excellent movie. If this movie can it's needs a Academy Award. Some French language with English Subtitles. Very few. Mostly English Speaking. Scotish Movie that is set in France countryside.

If your into Drama with a little twist of reality. You will love this one. Will have you thinking the entire time. Still does have me thinking. Didn't like the end wanted to know more. Mind binder ,Tear Jerker. I've Seen a lot of movies this is one of a kind. You don't want to be in a Hole but Life can be hard and you have to make sacrifices or do something you don't want to do. But you can't let the people or animals that you love down. Love is a wonderful thing. Mental health is serious. Wonder what you would do when faced with a traumatic experience. Hope we could all be like the guy in this movie. Must see If you don't love this movie then your not living life the way you should be. (You are a Monster)