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In near future Brooklyn, an ad executive uses a new Augmented Reality technology to conduct an affair with his best friend's girlfriend...sort of.

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Creative Control movie full length review - Artsy?

I'm guessing this is what one would call an artsy film, the whole movie is shot in black and white, which is actually quite well done, but the movie itself kind of goes overboard in the whole art project thing.

The story is actually quite simple, and not as hard to understand as the few trippy drug scenes imply, but it also isn't anything special, and really wasn't worth the 1,5 hour movie, as it could've fit into a 30min short.

A lot of scenes give the feeling someone went overboard with the filters, adding unnecessary sfx and 'noir' style effects to scenes that really didn't need them.

There is also quite a bit of dialogue that goes a little bit too far in its 'high/trippy' mindset. An actual quote; "I was looking into his eyes, and that's when i saw you, i saw you, and i realized that loving him was loving you was loving me, because we're all one"

This is where i stopped watching and started writing this review while leaving it on for the final 10 minutes. The end was actually quite good, but felt rushed, almost as if the budget ran out and they weren't able to film any substantial scenes for it. (probably because they used it all on unnecessary sfx earlier on.)

In the end i was left feeling like this would have been great for an art exhibition, and with that in mind it was kind of impressive i almost made it to the end, the camera-work and music quite good also, which is why i give it a 5/10, instead of anything lower.