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During the turbulent 1960s, an American family receives a visitor who changes everything.

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Crisis in Six Scenes movie full length review - A mix of great and tedious moments

I liked the first scene in this series, with Woody Allen getting a haircut from an insulting barber.

And throughout this series, there are really funny bits, like Miley Cyrus sleep talking in front of the police, or a couple debating their unusual approach to sex, or an elderly book club expressing its radicalism.

Between these funny scenes are less funny ones. There is a lot of typical Allen dialogue with two people just talking about politics.

The story takes a couple of episodes to get going and has a lot of filler, but I think you could edit this into a solid 90-minute movie. I don't know why Allen decided to make this into a mini- series, though; he clearly only had enough material for a movie.

The cast varies. Elaine May is great, Allen is fine, and Miley Cyrus is ...

I'm honestly not sure what to make of Cyrus. I know she was an actress in some tween sitcom or something, but I thought she was just kind of unlikable. To some extent, this is because she's playing a left-wing radical who spouts a bunch of left-wing clichés. But one character describes her as charismatic, and she really isn't. It's hard to believe in her as someone who could radicalize those around her.

The thing is, she's a lot like a character like this would be. She's unpleasant, self-centered, has a deep, shouty voice, and exhibits little personality beyond zeal for the cause. And I think her character would work really well in some gritty drama about a group of obnoxious radicals on the run. But I feel she just doesn't work at all in this part. I don't know if it's her acting, or Allen's direction, but she just doesn't work.

I don't mean to suggest that a better casting would make this series all that much better, although it would help a little. I just find this an interesting example of miscasting.

Should you watch this? I would say don't bother unless you're an Allen completionist, but it's pretty watchable, and if you're a fan of one of the stars or just want to catch the series' occasional good bits, go for it.