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A young woman becomes trapped in her car after a hitchhiker causes her to have an automobile accident.

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Curve movie full length review - Decent bare bones thriller

A girl named Mallory drives from California to Oregon for her wedding. Somewhere in the desert the fiancée's old car she's driving brakes down.

As luck would have it a hiker appears who gets her car started again, after he takes his shirt off for no good reason. She offers him a ride and insists on dropping him off at a cabin were he's staying. Out of the blue he starts telling her offensive sexual stuff. She stops and asks him to get off her car. He pulls out a knife and keep driving. He's not wearing his seat belt so she figures she can get out of this by driving the car off the road and down a cliff.

The car ends up upside down and her foot stuck in the instrument panel. They guy was ejected but eventually gets up uninjured and just leaves her there after realizing her terrible situation. He comes back a couple of times to taunt her. He brings food and drinks that he consumes in front of her without sharing. Then he brings a bag of tools with a nailgun to threaten her and leaves her with a saw in case she wants to get out.

I think she spends 3 night in the car with a lighter and a bottle of water. Fortunately it rains so she gets some more water but at some point she gets hungry. All there is nearby...rats. Finally the rain gets really bad and the river moves the car. That allows her to free herself.

Meanwhile the guy manages to kidnap a cop and take him to the cabin that he's taken over. Mallory limps to the very same cabin, discovers what's going on there and will have to confront the bad guy eventually.

Curve is one of those very minimalistic thrillers--two actors and most of the movie taking place in just one setting. And even though acting isn't Julianne Hough's talent, the movie works. It's well directed and looks good. They even added some depth to the script as when the stranger muses about all the factors that had to come together for these two to meet. The unfortunate lesson the movie wants to teach though is don't be good to strangers. The guy's motivation seems to be to get back at those who help him. He offered her many chances to let him go, but she insisted and now he can't but make her suffer for it. Not a good message for society where trust is hard to come by already.