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Colin is a stud. Stew, not so much. They've been virtually inseparable since college. But now Colin has fallen for a much younger man.

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Daddy movie full length review - Awesome movie

This was a pretty awesome film. I almost watched it twice back to back but I felt that this movie is really a treasure and I didn't want to wear it out. If you haven't seen it, please watch it.

Gerald McCullouch gave such an amazing performance that I actually cried 3 times. I seriously thought I was made of sand on the inside...but this movie proved me wrong. At the end...when the drama came to light, I was so shocked. My immediate thought was "how is this actor going to pull this off" but there was so much raw emotion in that scene but Gerald McCullouch did it and he did it so well. I couldn't even imagine what he must have been feeling to do that scene. I think I cried the most at that part because not only did he just lose his lover but so much confusion and craziness to think about...It was kind of...brilliant. I had not heard of Gerald McCullouch before but he instantly became one of my new favorite actors/directors. I will watch this film again for sure.