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Voracious sharks use human bodies to build dams.

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Dam Sharks! movie full length review - A Toothy Sharkfest With Plenty Of The Stuff We All Love!

Dam Sharks is the perfect excuse to uncork that bottle of Pinot you've been saving for a special occasion. Fill a giant bowl of Kettle Corn.

Break into your pantry and locate that bag of Peanut M&Ms you've been hiding from your family. Turn off your freaking cell phone. Fluff up your best pillows and stake out your personal "couch territory." Forget everything you thought you'd heard about Carcharhinus leucas or any sharks that have the unique ability to swim between salt and fresh water. Sit back and enjoy Dam Sharks. This isn't your typical "B" movie, and after viewing this fun little gem of a flick you're going to want to watch it again. The amazing cast rises to the occasion to convey all of the drama, fear, and undeniable fun obviously intended by the director. This isn't Jaws or The Shallows, but Dam Sharks will remind you of how modestly budgeted movies used to be made - for entertainment! This small film has many grand moments, beautiful photography, and is admirably edited to guarantee the action will constantly rumble forward. Two thumbs up to the very capable actors, whom, I hope will be reunited for a sequel!