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When Hunter gets sent to a dorky summer dance camp, he thinks he's about to have the worst summer of his life. But the quirky charm of the camp grows on him when he meets the passionate Cheyenne and joins her dance troupe to challenge the arrogant champion Lance in the camp’s Legends of Dance competition.

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Dance Camp movie full length review - Please, watch something else.

If the first review didn't say it clearly, I am hoping this will clear the air. If you value your time and you have something better to do, like sleep, eat or watch other movies, I suggest you do it.

Watching this flick is painful, and although it has bunch of talented people, they all just fall flat, it's a dance movie that doesn't have good routines...

It's a dance movie that lacks charm and real competition, I mean the guy they're competing with just...

Sure it's low budget and stuff, but come on, you could do a lot better. I am hoping by giving honest feedback, Youtube Red or whoever supported this flick will avoid doing the same mistake.

Again, watch something else. Avoid this.