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This coming of age Dance Film, in the spirit of Dirty Dancing, Karate Kid, and High School Musical - is about a young girl from Beverly Hills, Jennifer who is visiting her Father's Panama City Beach Hotel during Summer Break, and falls in love with a Young Boy, Ken who works as a Dishwasher. Even though both are from different backgrounds, they share the same passion... DANCE and partner with each other to enter the 2nd Annual Florida State-Wide Dance Contest. While preparing for the contest, Jennifer and Ken must overcome scheming dance partners, a meddling father, and their own doubts for their love to prevail.

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Dancin' It's On movie full length review - Dancing International Pictures! The David Winters and David A. Prior Grand Finale!

I have to unfortunately start with with the Grand Finale due to the passing of David A. Prior, who thankfully with his long time collaborator David Winters, could provide us with one last treat to remember.

For those familiar with the catalog of the film company named AIP, this one is an unusual one. It's a dance film instead of an action picture. What's cool about it, is that you get a David A. Prior script in another genre. I also note that it is the only script David A. Prior wrote that David Winters directed. The acting of the lead actors and story development has a lot of AIP films elements that one with the fondness of these films would love. For this they get a ten out of ten. I really appreciated the great moments AIP provided us, it's a perfect conclusion to the David Duo. David A. Prior thank you very much for this last treat, and David Winters bring on more.

What is fun with David Winters directing is that when he is offered the task that he digs best for elements to make a film unique, to be packaged within a genre. In my opinion you can see this in his films "Alice Cooper: Welcome to my Nightmare", "The Last Horror Film", and "Thrashin'". The story take place in an hotel where everyone is an artist. Hence, aside from the dancers turned actors, he takes the time to hire other artists, a mime, acrobats, gymnasts to create atmosphere. So we have unusual situations compared to the usual "Boy meet girl" type of film. I've always appreciated that with his directing style. It is obvious that Winters made that film because he had immediate distribution, and had to do a cliché riddled story about dancing. However it shows that David Winters still does his best with what he's got, packaged it, and made a genuine effort. He also acts in the film and his performance is good.

The film moves along very well and for its target audience it's totally acceptable. The dancing is great, and the music fits the film. The performances of dancers/actors Russell Ferguson, Matt Marr, and Jordan Clark stand out compared to the leads. Action actor Gary Daniels plays a part and does a good job. I bash the two leads but without them the AIP feel wouldn't stand out.

My final thoughts are, it's a stellar AIP movie grand finale you can watch with your family. Dance films are not my type, but it moves along fast and never bores you. I think people who don't know the AIP history and the target audience of this film would find it at least passable and maybe better.

The last film by the David duo it is truly appreciated. Good bye David Prior thanks again for the entertainment, and I hope David Winters directs another film, it's always a fun ride.