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Follows the fantasies of Darby, a shopgirl at “Bobbins & Notions,” a fabric store in a nameless town that is both ordinary and bizarre. The customers she encounters in the shop spark colorful daydreams as Darby looks for independence and maybe finds love with delivery man, Nick.

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Darby Forever movie full length review - Its good and then its not....

I really like Aidy Bryant, I'm very happy for her that she's making a start in her comedy acting career. However, I think this short wasn't funny or that entertaining because I felt it was just the lazy way to make it so good.

Alright, its only 18 minutes but they could at least have a better storyline, better actors with Bryant so that it would make it even more successful for people to watch it!

I think if I ever see her in other big movies, it would make her even more famous and well loved like the other SNL cast members who were a success in their careers. I see a definite sign that she would become successful in the future but not with this movie I'm afraid...