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A group of shape-shifting werewolves descend upon a small town in search of a girl who is re-born once every 2000 years. She holds the key to their survival and all will die who stand in their way.

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Dark Moon Rising movie full length review - No bite to this movie whatsoever

Werewolf movies can be fun if done right, but Dark Moon Rising is not one of them, if anything it is one of the worst and most amateurishly done werewolf movies there is.

And really is as bad as the negative reviewers have said, who are also rightly outraged by one of the most blatant cases of fraudulent ratings and reviews for any film on this site. Don't wish to be ignorant, being someone who is actually more understanding of opinions than most and tries to see good in everything, but it's very obvious and annoying.

Dark Moon Rising is very poorly made even on its limited budget, and directed in a way that is highly suggestive of the director not knowing how to direct it. The movie is lit too darkly a lot of the time, the sets the few times when you can see them look awfully basic and can't even be called sets, the picture has a quite fuzzy look which may have been a deliberate choice but it gives the movie a faded out and unfocused look, editing is sloppy and the camera work is often very chaotic and doesn't always know where and who to focus on (like seeing the back of someone's head if anybody's speaking). The special effects are incredibly slipshod too (some of them used at inappropriate times), and the movie could easily have done with less of them, nobody minds if the budget's limited, they just want to see effort which Dark Moon Rising didn't show at any time. Any creepy parts in the music are far outweighed by the vast majority of times where the music is recorded far too loud to the extent it and any intrusive background noises drown out the dialogue, unfortunately most of the music itself is also not very interesting and too much of one mood or dynamic.

Even worse is how it is written. The script doesn't even feel like a script, sounding more like lots of random and clumsily written lines strung together that are enough to make one lose brain cells just by trying to work out what it all means, it's that poorly structured and doesn't even try to make sense. The story is even more incoherent, goes at such a laborious pace and is near impossible to follow, sometimes it doesn't even feel like there is a story. Everything is either unexplained or half-explained (if even that) and there are so many tone shifts abruptly introduced (jumping on to the next shift even more abruptly), that you're constantly asking, 'just what is this movie trying to be?' The werewolves are not threatening or scary in the slightest, they are very cheaply and unimaginatively made up and sound bored out of their skulls, which seriously undermines any scares, tension or suspense (none of which are in sight in Dark Moon Rising). The acting is embarrassingly bad with the actors having to work with non-developed stereotypes passing for characters. Eric Roberts gives the movie's best performance and even he is not that good, chewing the scenery to so many pieces that there isn't any left, while everybody else just mumbles their lines with any attempts at emotion sounding overwrought (like at the start).

All in all, a werewolf movie with no bite to it whatsoever. Just to counterpoint some of the defence that the movie has gotten, this viewer was not expecting anything perfect or awards-worthy, with low budget movies or bad movies she always takes into account the budget and tries to see the good in everything she sees regardless how bad. So long as it looks as if the movie was made with effort or hints at trying, something I didn't get at all watching Dark Moon Rising. 0/10 Bethany Cox