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Dark Night enigmatically unfolds over the course of a lazy summer day, as it traces the events leading up to a mass shooting in a suburban multiplex. Abandoning the narrative confines of the true crime genre, the story is told through fragmented moments from the lives of several characters, whose fates are tragically intertwined. As the sky grows darker, the placid surface of daily life becomes disturbed by a lurking and inevitable horror.

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Dark Night movie full length review - Tim Sutton is a great American filmmaker

Tim Sutton's DARK NiGHT (USA) took the exact opposite approach as Quentin Tarantino & Alejandro González Iñárritu towards exploring his horrific subject matter? by NOT exploiting it.

Loosely based on the Aurora, Colorado massacre in 2012, in which a gunman killed 12 and wounded 70 moviegoers attending a screening of Christopher Nolan's THE DARK KNiGHT RiSES, this haunting, slice-of-life exploration of the random events that led the townsfolk to the movie theater is paced like Claire Denis' Friday NiGHT (2002) and Gus Van Sant's ELEPHANT (2003). In fact, the cinematographer Helene Louvart, who shot Wim Wenders' PiNA (2011) and Agnes Varda's THE BEACHES OF AGNES (2008), was the perfect fit for the director's intense visual style.

Combined with MEMPHiS (2013) and Pavilion (2011), Tim Sutton is an American filmmaker who is attempting movies that not only are beautiful to look at, but melodic to experience, no matter what the subject may be.

Review taken from 2016 Sundance Film Festival wrap up at www.48hills.org