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In an attempt to cope with her sister's death, Sarah joins a sorority. However, as her new sisters begin to manipulate her, she becomes trapped in their devious plans and has to fight to maintain her innocence.

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Dark Pledge movie full length review - **

This film was twisted all right and it wasn't for the better. With the constant Lifetime theme that after a tragedy, more mayhem ensues occurs again here.

Two years after losing her sister in a tragic car accident where she was the passenger, a girl enters college and joins the sorority that her mother had been in years before.

This sorority is more like a cult and is led by a Daisy, who is manipulative, cunning and like Lola, she gets what she wants.

Our girl gets more involved in this nonsense and Daisy comes up with a plot to get a professor fired as supposedly there will be budget cuts. He is accused of coming on to his female students- a charge totally absurd. Who is this girl's dean? She certainly wields more than enough power and her judgments are certainly arbitrary and based on no foundation.

The movie really takes a dive when Maria, a subordinate to Daisy and supposedly a nice girl, turns out to be even worse than Daisy.

There are the all too familiar murder and assaults. The movie is one big mess.