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The spirit of a murdered girl returns with a message. Now a stranded woman must team up with the staff of a local station to solve the mystery of her death.

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Dark Signal movie full length review - Extremely disappointing

I was looking forward to watching this new horror film set in beautiful Snowdonia, but my anticipation soon turned to amazement as the opening scene came to a conclusion.

It wasn't amazement at the wonder of the acting and production - more amazement about how this got distribution and didn't end up going straight to DVD or whatever happens to low quality films nowadays.

Apart from a couple of exceptions the acting is awful, right from the supporting actors leaving messages on a telephone answering machine through to one of the main female characters played by Joanna Ignaczewska.

Whoever cast her must have forgotten to do a screen test with the script, because she is not suited to this film whatsoever - even though she seems to have quite a long list of film parts behind her.

The only two worthwhile performances are given by James Cosmo and Gareth David-Lloyd. Without either this production would fall further into the abyss of 'films that could have been good'.

There are numerous mistakes and continuity errors in the film for which there is no excuse, and I get the feeling the film was cobbled together to a formula rather than being a developing artistic endeavour.

The film is disjointed and it is hard to get a feeling of substance.

It is set in Snowdoina, with the rest of the characters having no real connection to the location whatsoever. Polish female lead, Scottish farmer role, and an Italian actress, and various others who must have been handily hanging around on casting day.

If you are thinking of paying money to see this either at the cinema, online, or on DVD you would be better off waiting until it ends up in the bargain bin - which it is bound to do sooner than later.