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TV host Spencer Knights puts his crew in peril by invoking an ancient evil whilst attempting to win the paranormal competition, 'Dark Vision' in the sprawling catacombs beneath a remote gothic tower...

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Dark Vision movie full length review - Utterly Bad

There is more in the darkness than you know...

Mind-full host Spencer Knights puts his crew in peril whilst trying to win his own series as part of the paranormal competition Dark Vision.

Find out what manifestations lay in wait for his team inside Baylock's Folly - a place with a dark history and possibly a darker present.

Who is it's mysterious caretaker Clem and what are the twisted motivations of the producers at the "Dark Vision Hub"?

Step into the darkness and find the answers in this new wave Gothic horror from Stray Spark productions.

It's too bad there is no way to check the reviews here on IMDb. The one good review is from a guy who talks about seeing lots of movies and this is great, except he's only reviewed THIS movie!!!

In other words, he worked on the film.

It's an atrocity. Boring, stiffly acted, poorly written and amateurishly directed.

Too bad because the sets are cool enough to have worked well with a crew who had talent.

It feels more like a really bad TV show than a movie.The blonde with the big ones should have done a full frontal and I'd have given it 2 stars instead of one.