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Investigative reporter Chase Carter must stop a secret government conspiracy in the zombie infested quarantine zone of East Mission City.

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Dead Rising: Endgame movie full length review - As shaky as malnourished zombie

The first time Dead Rising transitioned into cinema was not met with critical acclaimed, but at least it has familiarity with the game's brash and quirky nature.

This time around, it delves right back into zombie infested world using a lot of action movie settings, but surprisingly slim on action itself. It takes itself seriously with predicaments and characters audience would barely care about.

Story continues along with the group of journalists who stumbles on a government secret. The characters from the first movie are not that memorable and as they are dropped into hot zone straight away, there's no connection with audience, especially since they seem to squabble on every issues. The silly antics from the game are almost buried, which is ironic since that is the main draw, not the conspiracy thriller.

Cinematography looks bland, with occasional cool shots before more dialogues transpire blandly, even then it only looks like ordinary city scenery. It doesn't convey the hectic atmosphere for infected world. Action is thin as well, only occurring about halfway through and not that lengthy or well-choreographed either.

The sequel not only lost its core foundation, it strays too far into thriller with ill-equipped script and characterization.