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Investigative reporter Chase Carter must stop a secret government conspiracy in the zombie infested quarantine zone of East Mission City.

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Dead Rising: Endgame movie full length review - An issue with the logic of the character's motives.

I turned this off after 45 minutes. The camera work and makeup were decent. What bothered me is the fact that I agreed with the bad guys more than the good guy. Let's look at the logic.

-Millions are infected and could turn into zombies and increase the infection through the world.

-If the military implants a chip, they can kill the infected before they infect others. That would stop the infection all together. They are doing this by using unwilling subjects for studies. But, the end of the infection is possible.

-If our heroes stop the army, they save the lives of those infected, but they increase the possibility of infection from millions to billions.

In this case, I don't care for how the military is working, but their end result is much better than the Hero's. I'm sure the story continues to suggest a sinister alternative with military weapons, but the film wasn't interesting enough to keep me engaged.