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A fractured family, caught in a deadly lightning storm, is forced to come together to save their lives.

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Deadly Voltage movie full length review - A Canadian dog

I had no idea that DEADLY VOLTAGE was a brand new movie when I watched it on TV yesterday. You don't expect to see a film showing on TV in January in the year of its release, but maybe that gives you some idea of just how poor this one is.

I fully expected it to have been released around 2002 or 2003, given how tired, dated, and cheap-looking it all is.

Basically, the plot is about a typical family who go on a hiking expedition to do some bonding. You know the types: the females are always fighting and bitchy, the husband is a bore, the kids are irritating. They get caught up in a lightning storm, and that's all that happens. The special effects scenes are few and far between, and very poorly done. There's barely any action or incident, just dull emoting by the characters, and overall the whole thing of a mess. I don't mind disaster movies being cheesy a la The Asylum's output, but I can never forgive them for being dull.