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Four strangers on a drunken wedding dash from LA to Vegas hit a mysterious woman in the desert and must overcome injuries, the elements, and ultimately each other to survive.

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Death Valley movie full length review - crap!

a stupid ending. that's what this film has. a real stupid ending. we've seen this too many times before. a group of people get stuck out in the desert unprepared and un expectedly.

how will the survive? who will survive? will they survive? there is not much here to hold your interest except for the two female leads. Katrina Law is a pretty hot number and so is her friend Victoria Pratt. they should hold your interest if you have testosterone in your blood. this film is cheaply made and looks like it had a budget of $100 total. how much could it cost to cast no name actors and film them in the desert for a day? it tries to be a character study on how people turn on each other in bad situations but it fails on that note. if you trust my review then you will save yourself 90 minutes of your life and avoid it.