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Two teenage boys unwittingly summon an ancient evil entity known as The Blind One by delving into black magic while trying to escape their mundane lives.

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Deathgasm movie full length review - Deathgasm: Goregasmic Horromedy

***Minor Spoilers***"Deathgasm" sounds like the stupid title for a stupid movie, yet the ratings and reviews are pretty good for horror, so I checked it out. I was rewarded big time!

Turns out, the title is perfect. It really nails the enthusiastically violent nature of the movie, as well as the mentality of the two teen lead characters.

Evidently, it's target audience is teenage boys who love metal, but while I'm decades past that, I still loved it. Although there's lots of metal in the film, it's not necessary to love it to enjoy the movie. However, it is necessary to enjoy excessive gore. About the gore, I want to make clear that it is over the top cartoon gore; it is not torture porn. It's not about hurting people, it's about killing demons/monsters.

The characters are lovable misfits, there's plenty of funny dialogue and visual humor, and if there's a gorier movie out there, I haven't seen it. For the easily offended, there are truck loads of things to complain about: extremely graphic gore, including genital trimming and a rectal rooting, along with all the usual dismemberments, nudity, though not nearly enough, excessive foul language, irreverent attitudes and more gore.

Most of the make up effects and all the gore are practical effects and they're excellent. Some of the digital effects are not great, but they're used minimally and don't detract too much. The overall production design, lighting and cinematography are all very good. It's not a perfect film, but it's so much fun, that it's sins are easy to overlook.

The characters are reasonably well developed for this kind of movie, and appropriately shallow. They don't evolve so much as gradually reveal their true natures. Lead, Milo Cawthorn, who was also in the fun and violent "Blood Punch," is very good, again. James Blake, who plays his buddy, is perfect. I had friends like that back when Black Sabbath WAS heavy metal. The lead babe, played by Kimberley Crossman, is luscious and funny. And, "Deathgasm" is digital effects pro, Jason Lei Howden's, directorial debut and it is impressive. These people have long futures in filmmaking. The supporting cast is also very good and funny.

Comparisons to Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead," Peter Jackson's "Dead Alive," and Edgar Wright's "Shaun of the Dead" are spot on. All have become classic horror films from first time feature length filmmakers who are still making worthwhile films. My guess is that Howden will become well known and be making entertaining movies for years to come. I would also look for Milo Cawthorn to show up in more prominent movies.

Again, lots of fun, but definitely not for the squeamish, the easily offended, or even those who require perfection in order to enjoy a film.