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Every story needs a brave and trustworthy guide, and Deli Man’s is the effusive and charming Ziggy Gruber, a third-generation delicatessen man - his uncle and great-uncle owned Berger’s in the diamond district, and the Woodrow Deli on Long Island. His grandfather owned the famous Rialto Delicatessen on Broadway, and Ziggy was stuffing cabbages atop of a crate when he was eight. Now he is owner and maven (as well as a Yiddish-speaking French trained chef) of one of the country’s top delis, Kenny and Ziggy’s in Houston – yes, Texas…Shalom y’all. Of course the story of deli isn’t Ziggy’s alone. Deli Man has visited meccas like the Carnegie, Katz’s, 2nd Avenue Deli, Nate ‘n Al, and Canter’s, as well as interviewed some of the great connoisseurs of deli, including Jerry Stiller, Alan Dershowitz, Freddie Klein, Dennis Howard, Jay Parker (Ben’s Best), Fyvush Finkel, and Larry King. - ComingSoon.net

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Deli Man movie full length review - Warning: Do Not Watch on an Empty Stomach

This movie places the food centre-stage. And it's the most incredible food you've ever seen. Even raw, being turned into delectable dishes, it's to die for.

I watched this over two nights, while eating dinner. And it still almost killed me. And I'm a great cook.

If you possibly swing it, watch this on some mobile device while eating way too much food in a Jewish delicatessen somewhere. As the film itself points out, that's hard to do, since in all of North America there's only 150 left. But otherwise, you're going to be really hungry for several days.

One small complaint: they left out Montréal. C'mon, guys! The smoked meat sandwich that's MTL's world-famous signature dish was a gift to that city from Jewish delis! They're the reason the French language now contains the word « le smoked meat ».

Great. Now I'm jonesing for _that_.

Anyway, see the movie. If I could eat it too, I would.