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Emily has mysteriously returned home to her mother and stepfather, after being missing for over a year - and something came with her.

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Delirium movie full length review - Confusing Pile Of Rubbish

When I first watched this movie I actually thought someone had jumbled all the chapters up and I was watching this out of sequence. Talk about confusing and losing the whole narrative of the film.

It was in the present then it jumped to what you thought was the past but was the future, present, past (future, possibly past or not)then present then dwelled on the past which you then guessed was the future but was now the present by now. I just kept thinking this would all make sense and there would be some grand reveal but alas it was a real let down. I pretty much guessed very early on that the main protagonist was some sort of conduit for the supernatural. It was telegraphed clearly so the rest of the movie's hinge on this fell very flat as you knew the plot already. Acting was so-so to adequate but the awful direction and editing just made an average flick into quite a dire affair. Pretty much a waste of 1hr 21mins. This could have been a lot more atmospheric and tense but was just a shambles of poor direction and editing.