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A police officer and a psychologist investigate the deaths of five people who were killed while trying to summon ghosts.

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Demonic movie full length review - Very well put together. Much better than most films of this Genre... Blu-ray: Good A:8 V:8

This is exactly the kind of film where most of the time they really don't pull it off very well. There are literally a MILLION ways to screw up a movie like this (and they usually do.

..) But with this film, I can say quite honestly, especially towards the end, that I was really caught up in it and found it very gripping and entertaining.

I don't know WHAT the hell is up with the reviews here for this movie being wildly all over the place, from gushing '10's to 1 star 'This is typical crap found footage stuff' Well, in my lowly and wretched opinion, I truly felt that this film was very good. I think what really made this movie is how effective the ending was. To me, the strongest element of this film was the editing and the excellent way they went back and forth between when the group was in the house and during the police investigation right afterward. It nicely built up a very real tension and suspense as the story was entering it's final act.

Seriously, this kind of film USUALLY is a low budget affair that has really poor acting and isn't put together very well. But, this one, although starting off rather slowly and in a somewhat average way, builds to what I feel is a very strong and effective finish. Just before watching this movie, I tried to watch another Supernatural Thriller called 'A HAUNTING AT SILVER FALLS' (2013) and was it ever BAD! Amateur all the way. Many usually are. This one was quite a bit better than most others of it's type. The acting wasn't anything stellar, but it was solid and THANKFULLY not overdone and mind-numbingly STUPID like it usually is with films like this.

And, NO... this is most definitely NOT just another boring 'Found Footage' film. I don't even like most of those and I am NOT a fan of them per se. YES, there are BRIEF elements where the footage is shown concerning some of the things that happened while the group was in the house, but OVERALL it plays like a straight forward Supernatural Thriller. And, although James Wan did not direct this film, I think that you could definitely feel his fingerprints all over it. Especially in the 3rd act of the movie. Not giving anything away of course, but the way the momentum builds towards the end while the final Mystery is being revealed was somewhat similar to the way 'DEAD SILENCE' was done. In my opinion, very dramatic and effective.

With Supernatural Thrillers particularly, I feel that it is EXTREMELY vital to put them together in such a way where they somehow suspend your disbelief and REALLY put you right there in the middle of what is happening. And, in order to do that, you REALLY have to know what you are doing to be able to craft the story in a way that will actually be effective. This one is not amazingly groundbreaking or anything, but if you do like these types of Supernatural Thrillers (it seems like there are THOUSANDS of them out there!) this movie is better than most because it is put together in a way that makes it more entertaining and effective than most...