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It's summer. One endless, sexy party under the open sky. Tina and her friends are living the dream of a whole generation of decadent Berlin-party-kids. But after one excessive night she's haunted by a mysterious ugly creature in nightmares she has. The only person she talks about her fears to is her psychologist. His advice is to confront her fears and to reach out to the creature. At first Tina refuses but after she hears about her parents' plans to put her in a mental hospital she starts talking to the creature. She slowly realizes that the creature is an incarnation of her fears and that it has the same feelings she does. Afraid of being called a freak she starts hiding the creature in her room. After a while she even gets close to it. It's almost like a relationship with a wild stray animal. For the first time in her life, it almost seems as if Tina has the courage to be herself. But then her parents and her friends see the creature…

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Der Nachtmahr movie full length review - zen monster rave

Awesome film. I saw an excellent combination on the same evening, first a documentary titled Zen For Nothing, about a Swiss girl spending some 6 months at a zen monastery in japan.

A very quiet film about finding yourself, some of the characters eventually experiencing a cathartic moment, letting their emotional demons out along the way, meditating, working or just chatting the rest of the time. I knew that Nachtmahr was going to be quite the opposite as I had read about the subject and the rave music and aggressive lights etc, but it was a total surprise to discover that it touched on a similar theme as the zen documentary.Of course the social environments are completely different and it is significant that Nachtmahr is about a teenager's emotional state and the two couldn't be stylistically more different, but nevertheless both films are about finding and asserting one's true self. I actually recommend watching the two as a sort of diptych as they really complement each other: on the one hand the silence, bells and zen chanting immersed in subdued natural winter light, on the other the wild aggressive rave beats and flashing colored electrical strobe lights. Apart from that, I really enjoyed the rave scenes, the visuals the structure or storytelling and the underlying humor as well as the "unpretentiousness" and obvious "not big budget productionness" of Der Nachtmahr. If you liked films like Morvern Callar, Aurora and David Lynch films, you'll like this.. It's not hard to find flaws if you're after the perfect festival winning movie but this film is not perfect and I loved that about it.