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A rich heiress and her friends head for a weekend of fun at her isolated ranch house in the middle of no man's land. They soon find that the caretaker's dark past, has taken him down a bloody killing spree.

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Desecrated movie full length review - Could Have Been Decent, Ended Up Being Pretty Bad

The trailer intrigued me, looked like this could be a fun slasher flick with an almost likable killer. However they attempted a something a little different, which I can respect, but it just didn't work at all.

The opening scene was actually pretty good, starts off quick and pretty gruesomely. Then we are introduced to our main characters, perhaps one of the most annoying and crappy group of college kids I have seen in a horror movie recently. This was a good thing though, because I was very stoked to see these idiots get taken out. But for some reason the creators of the film thought it would be a good idea to draw that out with horrible dialogue and a back story that you won't care about.

Once things do get going (which is about the last 20 minutes), things still manage to be pretty lame. The kill scenes are fairly tame, the killer is uninteresting, and I felt like there was no one on screen I was rooting for.

If they would have just embraced the fact that this was a slasher movie and focus more on that rather than trying to be different this would have been OK. But they tried a little too hard and that just didn't pay off for them at all.