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Detective Heart of America, America's greatest eagle-statue-detective takes on his hardest case yet in this thrilling feature length adventure. When a nefarious criminal has used his tremendous stockpile of stolen wealth to purchase all of the United States' debt, making him a majority owner of America. His first act as owner is to pass a new amendment that annuls the Constitution, retroactively revoking the United States' status as a country. Suddenly the USA officially does not, and never has, existed. How will Heart of America deal with the death of his beloved homeland? Will he have the strength to continue fighting the good fight now that everything he knows and cares for is gone?

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Detective Heart of America: The Final Freedom movie full length review - The best movie of all time

This movie is amazing. I've watched it 9 times now, I think, with friends and family, and we laugh again every time we see it. This movie is the pure definition of comedy.

After watching it, I guarantee you will be referencing it often. I spent most of this movie laughing my ass off, and a little bit of it crying. Just the concept itself is hilarious, the voice acting is amazing and the handwork is glorious. The characters are all so well built it's impossible not to get attached. There are many movies you just forget a few days after watching, but this one you will remember for a long long time. As a summary, this is a must watch. Definitely the best movie of all time.