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A young civil war veteran is forced on a desperate journey to save his kidnapped wife.

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Diablo movie full length review - Needs some pointers from his father

Like the taglines said: This movie is Beyond Hope. Beyond Salvation. However, there's plenty of regret on our part for watching it.

This was a really bad movie. Just awful. Not one bit entertaining. Bad acting, bad directing, bad writing.

Do I have to justify the one star when it clearly deserves zero? Okay, the scenery was absolutely beautiful. So gorgeous in fact, that after I finish this review, I'm going to Google where it was filmed. There, done. That was the only good thing about the movie.

Now back to this atrocious pile of garbage. Not much more I can say after reading some of the other reviews. Everyone who said it was garbage nailed it. Unfortunately, I rented it from a Redbox before looking at the reviews.

In one scene, our "hero" was out in the open, when he sees some movement in the nearby woods. He just stands there watching for a while with a stupid, I mean, puzzled look. And to our surprise, oh my gosh, he gets shot! So two "bad guys" are in the cover of the woods, on horseback, and they have their weapons drawn, and they just shot this guy (and his horse by the way). So our "hero" moves towards his weapon - which is not on his person. So, hmmm, do the "bad guys" in the cover of the woods with their weapons already drawn finish the job? No, they say something to the affect that "he is going for his weapon...", AND THEY RUN!

What the heck? They run? Did that really just happen? I just can't get my head around how bad this scene was! Who writes garbage like this? Who directs garbage like this? Who in the world green lights garbage like this? Inconceivable!

Then there were the numerous scenes throughout this gem where nobody could hit the side of a barn! It was like a western version of the old TV series "The A-Team" where 10,000 bullets were fired, and nobody got shot! Okay maybe not that bad. But this is the old west, where people were trained with weapons because their life depended on it. And there were shootouts where people couldn't hit the side of a barn WITH A RIFLE! Are you kidding me? You are in handgun range with a rifle and you miss???

So, yes this movie was bad, but at least the horrifically revolting ending quickly brought it from the trash to the gutter. I don't know what to say about the ending. I actually laughed out loud at the absolute absurdity of the ending. It was just so appropriate for how bad the movie had been all along.

Do yourself a favor. Forego this waste of your time, and grab a CLINT Eastwood western and enjoy.