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Don´t Speak movie full length review - Waste of time,money and effort.

Normally I really respect movie industry for every effort to entertain people. This is my first time I do such a criticism after years.

Where to start; First, obviously European cast(clearly understandable Spanish accent )were acting like American -rich- spoiled-do nothing but partying and problematic characters and that was annoying. Second, Generally all the acting was bad and was not persuasive to scare anyone, if that was the goal,if it was not don't worry than. Third, at the end of the film, you ask yourself, what, why and by whom (again why)as stated in the movie for all those years, happened. And fourth, you ask yourself that, was it worthwhile to watch this movie instead of playing with your children (yes, the answer is NO ),than you make plans to make this up!