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DRUGLAWED is the explosive documentary exposing how New Zealand has been co-opted by the US into fighting the failed War On Drugs. Filmed in six countries over four years, this is the documentary that finally clears the smoke around the international prohibition of cannabis. Over the last 100 years the US government has forced its drug control policies on almost every country on earth. 40 years since Richard Nixon declared the War On Drugs in 1972, 22 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana. Only one country in the world has higher arrest and conviction rates: New Zealand. DRUGLAWED examines how New Zealand fell in lockstep with US policies, and shows how smaller countries can break out.

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Druglawed movie full length review - A comprehensive and entertaining breakdown of cannabis prohibition

The film sheds much-needed light on cannabis prohibition, from its murky origins over the past hundred years, through to its current disintegration.

An all-star cast delivers the blunt truth on a fascinating subject, spanning multiple countries and offering fresh angles and information untouched by similar documentary efforts.

Breaking away from the talking heads format of the genre to a scenes of alcohol-fueled street riots, dozens of original-footage cannabis arrests and SWAT team raids, and historical pieces covering everything from Mother Mary Joseph Aubert's establishment of New Zealand's cannabis industry in 1883, to Richard Nixon's appointment of Elvis Presley into the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, the film spins a tightly woven narrative that keeps a brisk pace throughout.

Written as New Zealand's answer to The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, the film delivers on its promise to clear the smoke around the forbidden cannabis plant.