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In the wake of two back-to-back mass murders on Chico's frat row, loner Brent Chirino must infiltrate the ranks of a popular fraternity to investigate his twin brother's murder at the hands of the serial killer known as "Motherface."

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Dude Bro Party Massacre III movie full length review - Solid Movie, Perfect for Gore Aficionados.

The issue I believe that Dude Bro Party Massacre III (DBPM3) holds is that it is entirely based off of a short sketch by the comedy troupe that made the film.

In the sketch, which true to the troupe's name is only 5 seconds long, it basically shows a montage cheesy gore practical effects and murders in an homage to 80's slasher flicks. This isn't meant to be a slasher flick, this is supposed to be a parody of the genre.

The plot itself, like the 3rd movie in a cheap slasher franchise is rather goofy when watched without context. However with context you can start to make comparisons to later franchise sequels where they've run out of plot devices and they have to get crazy and lazy to pump out something of a coherent script.

When it comes to visual effects however, this movie is your deal. It has plenty of gore. Unreal amounts of blood, nasty organs, and plenty of murders. True to the movie's name there is quite the Massacre and the kills just keep coming in increasingly innovative and purposefully ironic ways.

5 Second Films, the group who made the sketch and the movie is really a comedy-centric cluster of people. The acting on many accounts is above par, especially when it comes to delivering absurd lines or doing crazy actions. When you watch DBPM3, you need to enter it expecting something goofy and cheesy.

If you're a fan of 5 Second Films, you probably crowdfunded it so you already like it, but if you didn't you need to watch this. They managed to take one of their surreal sketches and flesh it out into a 90 minute gore-fest as an homage and satire of 80s B-list slasher films.

For excellent effects, satire, acting, and ambition, I give it a solid 10. Especially so, as a movie should not be gimped purely on the fact that you do not understand it's source material and it's true intention.