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Bitte Andersson’s debut feature »Dyke Hard« is a wild John Waters-inspired queer comedy following a lesbian rock band’s violent adventures back in 1986. Dyke Hard is a failed rock group travelling to a battle of the bands competition in the big city. The journey is further filled with bizarre, fierce and passionate encounters with cyborgs, ghosts, a thai boxer, roller derby gals, ninjas, motorcycle gangs and a mysterious billionaire all of whom will do everything to stop the band from making it in time to the battle.

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Dyke Hard movie full length review - It's just fun

It's good how this movie, ugly-looking and full of naive freaks, can feel positive and upbeat. There is no mocking or irony in this, everything in sight is true and real.

It may feel off-putting to some, but I guess it's meant that way.

There's something unique about it and the writing is good and the plot is entertaining. There aren't going to be many surprises, but it's just entertaining, lively, and very sweet. This definitely is a feel-good movie.

Also I think that Alexi Carpentieri is an amazing actor! Wish I could meet him in real life.

Now I want to see more of Bitte Anderssons movies