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As a rogue planet roars through our solar system, it acts as an intergalactic magnet that pulls Earth in its wake. Meteors destroy major cities. Fire and ice storms engulf the land. Casualties are in the millions. And as the situation grows even worse, Steve Lannon is determined to reunite with his wife and teenage daughter. But when they stumble into a secret government installation, they'll uncover a nuclear mission that will either blast our planet back into orbit or guarantee front row seats to the end of the world.

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Earthfall movie full length review - Earthfall never reaches great enough height to fall from

For a movie with such grandeur title, Earthfall is more like a local neighborhood watch or mall cops running around in random field.

It has incredibly poor acting, silly attempt to create drama and expected low quality effect. This is actually one of the worst films that seem far longer than it is, I could've sworn that it had been going for two or three hours.

Story is unsurprisingly mundane, there's a planet out of orbit or the sort. The science is explained over zealously and barely makes sense even for B-movie standard. The other main plot is the two leads, both of whom trying to channel Matthew McConaughey, one from his romance comedy days and one from new serious roles. Needless to say, mentioning Matthew McConaughey is already an undeserving praise for them.

At least in other similar movies, both quality and genre, there are signs of catastrophe, such as a small town in panic or a bunch of people stuck in traffic. This movie almost exclusively transpires in deserted field with people trying to pass off as scientist or military. Furthermore, its attempt to vilify authority just seems timid and merely serves as padding while the supposed survivors are like random extras from The Walking Dead arguing with each other.

Earthfall is not even good for lazy popcorn flick.