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As a rogue planet roars through our solar system, it acts as an intergalactic magnet that pulls Earth in its wake. Meteors destroy major cities. Fire and ice storms engulf the land. Casualties are in the millions. And as the situation grows even worse, Steve Lannon is determined to reunite with his wife and teenage daughter. But when they stumble into a secret government installation, they'll uncover a nuclear mission that will either blast our planet back into orbit or guarantee front row seats to the end of the world.

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Earthfall movie full length review - One of the few films I couldn't even complete I'm afraid

I managed to sit through around 20 minutes of this film before the appalling script, rather poor acting and unimpressive special effects proved too much for me.

Some of the early dialogue was abysmal and totally unconvincing which made the characters saying it also unconvincing. I couldn't find one central character with whom I could invest or relate too - a fatal flaw in any movie of this type.

I watch a lot of films covering many genres and like sci-fi especially but after being spoilt by TV series like Falling Skies and Defiance - to mention two examples - the mediocrity of this offering was highlighted even more.

I almost never give up on a film but in this case I really didn't care what happened as I have better things to do with my life.

I'm sure others may enjoy it - but not me.