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An inventor creates an electrical torch that reveals a hidden world layered upon our own - filled with beautiful spirits, strange creatures, and dangerous phantoms.

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Echo Torch movie full length review - A timeless masterpiece

This is a timeless masterpiece which I stumbled upon and after sharing 1900 people on my Facebook agree. No word required means accessible to all peoples in all countries.

The visual style and cinematography and direction must mean big things ahead for this team. It feels like you are in the X-Files and a Torchwood episode but with a loving style that seems in a class of its own above both of these series.

Some of the strange things that happen are quite surreal and yet the subject of the paranormal is treated with an almost scientific clear headed mentality. I felt that more could be said, a movie or a TV series to extend this concept. It did really feel like this was part of a Ghostbusters offshoot - perhaps more of what we should have been given instead of Ghostbusters 2016! Just imagine what this director could have done with millions to play with instead of Sony blowing it all on wasteful Paul Feig.