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A young couple arrive at a retreat in the English countryside in the hope of saving their failing marriage. But when the people around them start to be picked off by a vicious killer, the weekend becomes a matter of saving their lives.

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Eden Lodge movie full length review - OK low budget horror

I actually enjoyed this. I am ashamed to say! It's low budget and there are probs within the film , but the story was good , script OK, actors OK , a few were a little wooden , the lead woman was great though.

The one thing that let this film down was the film soundtrack , if your going to make a horror film for gods sake listen to other horror films and get with the program. You need a sound palette that reflects the genre not some kind of budget Indiana jones string soundtrack. OK so film premise is a couples car breaks down , they go to a small guest house and book a room. A lovely old lady puts them up for sixty five pounds a night and they later discover they should've never booked into the hotel , I won't write spoilers why not. I think the writer had some good ideas , film work was good , characters good and varied. For me the adventurous soundtrack just was not for this type of film , the soundtrack for a horror film needs to be ominous , sparse , full of sound effects , subtle pulsing , tension building . Sound creates the feeling of dread and despair when you have a scene in the dark , you need a soundtrack that reminisces john carpenters old films done in an updated style. Anyway I enjoyed it and it had some good bits and was well watchable.