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A former US Federal Agent must abandon the witness protection program and come out of hiding when his London home is invaded in error due to a wrong address. When the event ends with multiple homicides, the news triggers those hunting him to send Europe's most dangerous assassin to kill him. Now on the run with his daughters life in jeopardy, a determined father must get her to safety before the people he's been hiding from tracks him down.

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Eliminators movie full length review - It stole my heart.

I'm going to give a short review. I've never reviewed a movie before.. This is my very first.

Eliminators started with a single dad and his daughter working in as a bank security officer when one night, 3 robbers broke into his house due to the wrong address they were given looking for cocaine. To protect his daughter and himself, he killed the robbers in self defense but he was held accountable for taking law into his hands. While in hospital and in custody, his daughter was taken to a child social services under the government protection. His father in law ordered an assassin to kill him and abduct his daughter. He gotta do whatever it takes to save their lives. Eliminators is a good action movie to watch. Trust me, you wouldn't want to get off that couch. It will have your eyes glued to the screen and never want to blink even once. I really enjoyed this movie. It's a must watch. It's not bad, far better than hard target 2.