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A tearaway teenage girl, at war with her mum, and trying to take control of her life, forms an amazing and unbreakable bond with a new friend. They raise hell, stick two fingers up at the world, and laugh like they never have before... but can Ellen avoid becoming just another statistic?

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Ellen movie full length review - About a teenager who wanted her life to turn around.

The 24 years old Jessica Barden played a 14 year old Ellen in this film. Anyway, she looks so young, fitted to portray the role and in the end she did good.

The film was about a school dropout teenage girl whose family is not really supportive to her on anything. So she decides to take full control of her life, but does not know where to begin. It opened with a question asked and ended with the same line. What happens in between is what the film narrates for us as she embark to realise where she really ended.

It is a British television film. Feels like a random narration, like not moving in a particular direction. But you will get how much Ellen was frustrated with her life and the people surrounding her. Because they are with their own agenda, especially her mother's new boyfriend. Except one of her neighbours, who is friendly and helping hand whenever she needed one, but a bit older than her whom she has a crush. So in the remaining part, you will witness some unexpected developments.

Why I did not like it more is for what the film disclosed at the end. I really did not know what this film was about and I surprised how they concluded it. In our society, things like this happening, but I did not like it to end in a wrong way just to highlight the issue. Other than that, this is a good film, I surely suggest it to the others, mainly because nothing was shown in it as whatever the intentions were in the film plot.