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Ellis, a fourteen-minute film directed by JR and written by Academy Award winner Eric Roth, tells the elusive story of countless immigrants whose pursuit of a new life led them to the now-shuttered Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital. Following its opening in 1902, approximately 1.2 million people passed through the facility, where the Statue of Liberty can be seen from the windows. Languishing in a sort of purgatory awaiting their fate, many were never discharged.

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Ellis movie full length review - Good intentions, weak execution

"Ellis" is a 2015 15-minute live-action short film directed by JR, no idea who that is, and written by Eric Roth, academy Award winner for "Forrest Gump".

We see some solid shots, occasionally artistic while listening to Robert De Niro, who tells us the story of an immigrant that arrived at Ellis Island. I must say immigration and refugees were among the most-discussed topics in 2015, at least here in Germany, so there is an interesting connection to this short film. Still, I must say I am missing some substance here. It never felt really relevant to me and interesting to anybody who isn't a refugee themselves or has a connection to the Island that is the center of this little movie. Sadly, this is on-par with the forgettable movies De Niro has appeared in for a while. Sucks to see. I like him. But I cannot recommend "Ellis". Thumbs down.