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A documentary about ten very different lives connected by having appeared onscreen wearing masks or helmets in Star Wars.

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Elstree 1976 movie full length review - Average

Everybody in the world has a story to tell. It is cool that the lesser known people involved with Star Wars get their moment to shine. We already know who David Prowse is.

He played one of cinema's greatest villains. We have interviews with the actors who played the X-Wing fighters, Greedo, the Stormtrooper who hit his head and of course Jeremy as Boba Fett (even though "The Empire Strikes Back" was shot in 1979, which is out of place for a documentary called "Elstree 1976").

The doc opens with the actors explaining who there are and their growing up tales, Prowse became a body builder due to problems with his muscles. He also explained that he almost got in trouble on A Clockwork Orange by asking Kubrick "Are you 'One Take Stanley'?" Fortunatley, Stan just laughed.

They all explain how they were cast in Star Wars and their parts. Greedo had acid put on his back for the burning effect, and no he does not talk about "Who shot first".

The X-Wing fighters said that they had to queue for their scenes in the X-Wing cockpits as if they were queuing for a ride.

The Stormtrooper who banged his head said he couldn't see out of the helmet, which explains Luke's line "I can't see a thing in this helmet."

Then they talk about conventions and how the lesser known actors were annoyed that Vader and Fett were getting all the glory and they weren't.

Then we have the "What are you doing now" act in the documentary and this is where the doc gets quite dull for me. Most of them haven't really anything interesting to say, other than "I don't act any more" and "I just do parts in TV."

After the Star Wars tale, you just don't care about their stories anymore, but then all actors go through the "Where are they now" part in the lives. Even the big names quit.

One actor said he had bit parts in movies such as Indiana Jones and Superman, and he was depressed that he wasn't getting any big parts.

The female extra who has a "blink and you miss it cameo" in the Cantina scene went out with Christopher Reeve whilst filming Superman.

Another actor said he is now a teacher and has created a series called "Johnny Spacerocket."

It's an okay doc, Star Wars fans might be interested in the first 45 minutes, but afterwards the doc gets slow and dull.