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After a global neurological epidemic, those who remain search for meaning and connection in a world without memory. Five interwoven stories each explore a different facet of life without memory in a future that has no past.

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Embers movie full length review - A Highly Metaphorical Outlook Within a Dystopian Future

Embers reveals to us the most valuable, and at the same time, perhaps least-valuable, of human assets: "memory".

Claire Carre takes viewers to a dytopian future in which a virus plaguing a certain civilization forces it to forget all previous events upon waking up from sleep. Through the eyes of a lost couple, seeking refuge in the chaos, the eyes of a psycho sadist, and the eyes of a mute young kid, viewers are guided through the important decisions of what it means to be human.

Unfortunately, the plot offers little more than this metaphor to the meaning of humanity, and how we derive value from life. Those seeking more opinionated or deeper messages in the hard science- fiction genre may have to look elsewhere (or within, as this film would have it). The plot consists of characters struggling to decipher their previous messages they left for themselves, of walking around in a seemingly abandoned city, and acts of humility. Very much like Blindness.

Acting is on point, sets are detailed and accurate, and the music emotes a sombre, melancholy feeling of disarray felt by the confused civilization. However, the lack of character development prevents viewers from becoming attached to any one character. It becomes difficult to track how each story overlaps. Embers leaves most interpretation up to the viewer, perhaps in a recursive fashion, emphasizing the aforementioned "memory" theme. The very metaphorical nature of this film, which makes this film so unique, in fact, plays to its detriment.

Before watching Embers, ask yourself these questions: would I risk forgetting my past and all my memories to not be alone? What is love without memory? Do the people we know define us, and if so, is this just for our own benefit? Are we truly alone in our experience, and if experience isn't subjective, what IS real?