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Claude and his friends are out of their element and in a whole lot of trouble when they choose the wrong lettuce for lunch. They must now find their way out of this world of horrors before they end up on the menu!

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Escargore movie full length review - Unrelentingly mean and nasty...and I like it!

"Escargore" is a cute AND disgusting AND rather nasty little short film by Oliver Hilbert. It has surprisingly nice graphics and Hilbert seamlessly blends computer generated characters with real life scenes of a kitchen.

In this kitchen...a group of cute cartoon snails that have no idea they're on the menu! And, one by one, these cuties are killed off or accidentally kill themselves.

So what do I like about the film? Two thinks...the animation and the nasty spirited script...seriously. As for the CG, it looks amazingly professional...not the work of a guy directing his second short film. As for the nasty humor, I actually loved how the characters were cute but the film never resorted to a happy ending or sentiment. It was edgy and funny...and I'd like to see more.