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Claude and his friends are out of their element and in a whole lot of trouble when they choose the wrong lettuce for lunch. They must now find their way out of this world of horrors before they end up on the menu!

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Escargore movie full length review - Turbo meets Saw

A group of snails is accidentally brought to a house. In their attempt to escape from that place, the snails die one by one, always in a cruel and violent manner.

With the plot synopsis like that, one would expect this animated short to be something completely nasty and unpleasant, but the plot of "Escargore" has a quite lighthearted feeling from beginning to end, focusing in the humor rather than in shock value. It also helps that the CGI animation is quite appealing and well done, with adorably looking characters that one would expect to see in a children's film.

And honestly, I found this to be far more enjoyable and endearing than DreamWorks' "Turbo".